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hey there! i'm dante. i'm an artist, aspiring wrestler, and a 200-year-old vampire in a 20-something's body.

some things i tend to hyperfocus on at any given time are pro-wrestling and music. some of my favorite wrestlers are sting, owen hart, curt hennig, the undertaker, and jesse 'the body' ventura. it's pretty difficult to narrow down my favorite music artists but buckthead will always be in the top three. \m/

ever since i was a kid, i've always found myself drawn to technology. when i was around 8, my grandma had a computer—but then she got a new one, so she gave the old one to me. it was set up in my bedroom and i remember being so excited and happy about it. i remember taping a little plastic homer simpson to the top of the huge monitor. (the simpsons was one of my first hyperfixations.) this monster running windows 98 didn't even have an internet connection but it was so exciting to play around in ms paint and customize the window appearance. i still have that little homer, he lives on my bookshelf next to some other figures. i'm sentimental like that—i don't think i could ever part with him. shortly after this era in my life, i got introduced to youtube poops, sometime in the year 2007. maybe it's nostalgia brainworms, but i miss this era of internet—with its rage comics and pre-corporatization.

throughout my life i've found myself to be a bit of a loner, especially these days. i have friends that i hang out with every now and then, but i can't seem to escape that nagging feeling of isolation, most of the time. maybe that's just how your twenties feel? i think these feelings are a contributing factor as to why i like to create. art, websites, what-have-you. i can fill that empty space with that of my own creation. and it's fun, too!

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i first started learning HTML in high school, as one does, but only recently have i picked it back up. i love doing it now as much as i did then and i've had a lot of fun building this site. just a small place to do with as i please, full customization, so many possibilities!!
it seems the older i get, the further left my politics move and the more anti-capitalist i become. corporate social media made me fall out of love with the internet. i soft-quit facebook (my account still exists which i use to check up on my out-of-state family every few months, i don't actively spend time on it) a few years ago, and the ones i still use (twitter, instagram) just feel like a dizzying revolving door of content that i consoom out of habit. it's frustrating too since i feel like they're just ad-plastered wastes of time. even tumblr nowadays. i like the freedom that having this site gives me. i don't find myself thinking about follower counts and likes. i'm building a skill for my own amusement and not for a profit for someone else. the site is it's own reward, like a piece of art that you work on indefinitely. long live the old web!

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questions? comments? suggestions? found a typo? broken links? anonymously tell me secrets? please feel free to email me with this handy form!

the base code was originally written by emoticon, though i have done a lot of work over it.

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