Ⅰ. an introduction

9.28.22 — last edited 9.29.22

honestly, i've been struggling to find a format for music blogging that works for my neurodivergent brain that also makes sense to readers. first was the issue of finding a platform to use; i hated wordpress, tumblr is more for memes... neocities seems like such an open canvas that it's in fact a perfect match for what i'm going for. then the issue of post frequency came about... in the past, i've tried weekly and monthly updates but both eventually wound up being too much for me; i would go a few weeks writing then quickly lose momentum and fall off track.

introducing: dante's seasonal music report! obligatory blog post four times a year, with some off-schedule posts sprinkled in to fill in the gaps. i often see music itself seasonally--when i think of chunks of time in my life and the music i was listening to during those times, it's usually tethered to the season. the summer of 2017 was the k-pop summer. the winter of 2015 was the ghost & magna carta cartel winter. and so on...

this cadance will give me adequate amounts of time to gather, write, and not be so overwhelmed in the process! music is such a giant part of my life and i've wanted to write about my own personal experiences with music for a long time. this makes the most sense to me, which is really all that matters. currently, i will be working on th entry to summer 2022. i hope you reading this enjoy the seasonal releases of my music reports! :-}

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