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hello world!

this is just my little corner of the internet, so welcome! thank you for stopping by, feel free to make yourself at home. i find myself to be quite the hosipitable host, so i made some tea for you. though i may seem like a sensible, serious vampire, i can assure you that i am just a silly little guy.

what's on the way
  as of august 31, 2023

right now i'm ███████████████████████ and it's been ████████ stay tuned for ███████!

what i've been up to

i have been █████████████████████████████ please god end my suffering


8.31.23 ⥊ subtly redesigned and simplified home page! not making a great case for "being alive" now am i?

1.14.23 ⥊ promise i'm not dead! ♡ new art in the gallery. will update more soon!

12.2.22 ⥊ november's song of the month is Let's Dance in the Dirt! by Macabre Plaza! check it out!

11.25.22 ⥊ welcome to!

11.13.22 ⥊ miscellaneous consolidations. boring!

11.10.22 ⥊ more new art in the gallery!

11.2.22 ⥊ new art has been posted in the gallery!

10.16.22summer 2022 music review is up!

10.9.22 ⥊ made a gallery for my artwork!

10.8.22 ⥊ started a sting webshrine!!

10.7.22 ⥊ added a bit more to my about page!

10.5.22 ⥊ miscellaneous aesthetic changes

10.2.22about me page is complete!

9.29.22 ⥊ MUSIC BLOG: an introduction

8.28.22 ⥊ created a page dedicated to joker sting. will add more to it soon!

one man's heart is full of deceit, it burns up, dies, and a dark shadow falls over his soul. from the ashes of a once great man has risen a curse. a wrong that must be righted. we look to the sky for a vindicator, someone to strike fear in to the black heart of the same man who created him. a battle between good and evil has begun. against an army of shadows comes a dark warrior. the purveyor of good, with the voice of silence, and a mission of justice... this is Sting.